I sit back on my sofa this morning and my mind races with thoughts. Not random thoughts. But thoughts enlivened by the passage in my Bible I just read a few moments ago.

Genesis 6: 11, 12…The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

This was in ages past. But is so parallel and true today. The earth is filled with violence! The earth is filled with corruption! Humankind has violated the commands of God to such an extent that our whole moral standards have become diametrically opposite to our holy God.

Now, please don’t take me wrong. Not all peoples are involved with the above. But seemingly those that are have ‘crossed over’ the line of God’s control and have become rogue. You ask me what that is…simple…push God out of your life, disbelieve that He exists, have no regard for others, let injustice rule, hate your brother, practice vengeance, kill, murder, pillage, rob and rape. And wa-lah!   The perfect recipe for what the Bible describes.

Born in 1952, I cannot believe that within my own generation I would see such mayhem. I am thinking now…

Some weeks ago, a father and son from South India, murdered in cold blood and their genitalia disfigured to a pulp. Some weeks ago, a young family man dies on the spot as he is shot in the chest. Some weeks ago, a spate of ‘high society’ suicides that shakes the entertainment world. Some weeks ago, children kidnapped and sold like commodities for child porn and pedophilia. Some weeks ago, someone shot in cold blood in a planned shoot out.

Now who does this? Their crimes may never come to light. They may still walk about as innocent doves, doing good in society and speaking out against what’s happening.

But, hey! They forget! Forget what sir?

There is a holy God above. He watches the traits and torments of men on men. He is not moved by bribes and good works. He is not moved by arguments, debates, opinions and conclusions. He is not moved by courts that have tainted hands, and mouths and pens. He is not moved by the immunity of elitism and positional power. He is not moved by the heart-cries of unrepentant leadership.

But He is moved to do something. And do something now. Something today! Something so soon, it will shock you and me.

Ready? So here goes…

Just as in the days of Noah. God had a great solution. So today God’s solution is at hand. There are valid reasons for this.

Firstly, only He can hear the cry of innocent blood shed on the ground of our nation. Secondly, He is moved to do justice righteously and quickly. Thirdly, He is angry. And lastly, He is moving the pieces on His cosmic chess board so that everyone is in position to get what they deserve.

Whoa! This scares me as I sit back, sip my coffee once more and now pray.

I pray for mercy. I pray that men would turn their hearts to God and truly truly repent. I pray for my own people, that God would forgive their sin. I pray that men would mend their ways and come back to a loving God, who proved His love on the cross of Calvary two thousand years ago. I pray that God would heal our land, restore our leaders, bring back justice and that we may all live in peace.

Utopia or a useless Shangri-La? You judge.

I love my nation, so I will keep on praying!