This Corona Virus is only the beginning. There is much more on the horizon.

Now, this is not an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ rabbit-hole that I am leading you into. This is real stuff that you yourself can look into. It’s actually all over the net.

That is why, you may know it, or you may not know it. But what I am sharing with you is not new!

The phrase ‘New World Order’ has been widely used on the political scene since first publicly coined by former president, the Senior George Bush.

Although quickly adopted as the catch phrase of the 1990s, few people actually understand fully as to what the New World Order really meant.

On January 16, 1991 the Senior Bush, who is now deceased, said is, “…where the rule of law… governs the conduct of nations,” and “in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.”

Herein began a new attention the world was drawn into with this. Go visit the ‘Bohemian Grove’ on the net and try and understand how many Elite and politicians are secret members of the Occult stuff that goes on there. Hey! Have you seen the ‘owl’ on the US Dollar note?

But this is an old old story, told and retold many hundreds of years ago. Proven by men in the past. Men like Aliester Crowley,, and others before him.

Let me be very brief.

But there are powerful people with ancient Bloodlines who have made sure their Satanic agendas are being followed to the tee. For hundreds of years, these so-called Global Elite have carefully guarded their bloodlines, not allowing intermarriage or anything outside agencies to infiltrate their families and ranks.

These are the people who are powerful business magnates, and who own and run huge Corporates that control assets and thus they have amassed wealth that keeps them in control of nations, their politics and their economic stability. Most of the Banks are owned controlled and managed by them and their people who have allegiance only to them.

They also run key Universities that ‘mind control’ their students to become agnostics, unbelievers in the Bible and haters of the Christian Church at large. The Museums hide a lot of archeological finds. Especially one that proves that God created the world. You know what I mean. They also run very powerful TV Channels that disprove God’s creation.

They run Secret Societies. There are dozens of them, but the main agenda is the same. They have secret plans that they carry out with precision, using people from different nations. They also launch their own satellites keeping a watch on what’s happening worldwide. This group is heavily involved with Media infiltration, Culture creation and such.  They literally own think tanks who plan perniciously and minutely their Satanic agendas for the takeover of the whole world.

If you read the ‘Georgia Guidestones’, you will get the idea why so many people are dying all over the world. The Global Elite would take over the resources of the earth for themselves. The rest of us would be their servants who do their whims and fancy. Thus, they desire to rule the world, and bring in a New Age of bliss and peace. Then they themselves will rule?

Or will they. One of the greatest agendas of Heaven is that Jesus is returning to establish His Eternal Kingdom. Sadly, those that do not repent and believe on Jesus will spend Eternity in Hell.

More next time…