The early morning smell of freshly made coffee filled my nostrils as I held on to my large mug. I stepped into my living room and switched the light on to sit at my favourite place to read my Bible and pray.

I was startled!

Sitting on the opposite sofa was a man I had never seen before. He stood up to greet me with an impeccable smile on his brown face. His white teeth were perfect, like pearls carefully placed just right. I immediately noticed he had a turban of red silk on his head. Very elaborately tied with gold and plaited ribbons and adorned with diamonds and precious stones. His robes were pure silk, and they rustled as he stretch out both his hands towards me. These pure white silk robes and the rich red and heavy cloak, again designed with gold and silver, told me he was not from here. His weighty gold choker and chains caught my eye to see those delicate designs on them were the work of some great craftsman. Quickly putting my mug of coffee down I reached out to both his outstretched hands. His palms were soft, and each finger had thick gold rings, each imbedded with different colours of precious stones. The fragrance around him was very strong and eastern. I invited him to sit again, looking around to see if there was someone else. Then I noticed his shoes! Wonderfully fashioned. Made with gold and leather, and tiny coloured gems.

I was still startled as ever! I gazed at him with outright awe.

He was still smiling. And with a deep voice said to me, “I bring messages to you!”

“Who are you?” I enquired. “And how did you come here?”

He laughed lightly, and said with that same deep voice, “My name is Abbas Rahim Mučednik, I am one of the Magi that travelled to worship my Messiah…do you remember that?” I sat up, paying full attention to him now, and nodding to him as if I knew him.

“Hear me well. I never repeat myself” he said. I was so excited to hear him. I had been praying for God to speak to me for this season, and this message was something I needed to hear.

He began to speak straight into my spirit. “Three essential things you must keep in your heart. The first thing you must do is to search the heavens, my son. The Messiah has put His signs there for you to read and warn your people. They are plain and simple and from this year more are to come. This will form a time-table for you to live out your life. You must also be careful who you open your possessions to. Many will come to ask you, do not be childish. Give the best when you give. You are already known for that! So be careful no one steals your heart, my son. Also, I must tell you this…this is what the Messiah longs to hear…worship Him with everything you got. It is here He will open the portals of the heavens to you as He opened them to us” he stopped suddenly, looked around, and said, “…nice house!” and he was gone!

In the twinkling of an eye, he was gone.

The only thing that lingered was his fragrance which has never left my memory. How he came to my home, he never told me, because he knew I would know that answer.

I pray you got the message. I also pray this Christmastime would be different for you and your family. May God open up His portals to you and let His Kingdom come in your midst as you seek Him, worship Him and obey Him.

Blessings always.