Jeremiah was a man with an intense human personality.

We live in a very similar age as he lived. Apostasy was rampant in the priesthood. Corruption was openly practiced in every form. The Southern Kingdom, had forgotten their history with God and were unmoved by the despicable accounts of the Assyrian invasion in the North. Leaders suppressed the lower rungs of the common man, and the game for name and riches were bourgeoning with killings and hatred.

At such a time as this, Jeremiah so humanly weak, yet so divinely strong, so divinely holy…brought a message from God with tears mixed with a despairing burden. His blazing messages, sparkling with fiery indignation against sinfulness, were awash with cries and calls from heaven. There was sympathy for the daughter of Zion, but in the same breath the judgement and condemnation she so fully deserved.

He was a man so fully primed for his time, and so ready to do what heaven desired on earth!

So what about you? What’s your message?

Become the cry of the Kingdom!

Become anguish!