What Walk?

Coming home from Tel Aviv airport is great!

The airport signs in Hebrew and English are clear and facilities fantastic. Just fantastic! The security questions you and then examines your check-in baggage.

I have a close friend who travelled with me. They opened his bag first and went for his shoes. After pulling them out from the plastic bag they had a good look at them, then x-rayed them, and then lay them on the floor on a white sheet of paper and photographed them from various angles.

After doing this they asked the usual questions and let us go for our check-in.

They never opened my bag.

After we checked in we sat at a coffee table and looked quizzically to one another. Why photograph shoes? Was not the x-ray enough? My good friend was thinking now. Those were Italian shoes he’d bought from London and through many travels and airports nobody had done this! But why this now?

He had no answer.

But I had one…!

You see my friend is from a noble family, but he’s a gentleman and one of the most humble guys I know. Now he’s very bashful when you say that to him…but indeed that’s the truth!


So I said to him…

…My friend you are honoured!

They already have your face on the security cams all around, but they did not see your shoes! They were just overwhelmed at you and wanted to know more about the shoes you wear, their design and make…so they just wanted to take photographs from all angles…of a noble man’s shoes!

We laughed together, just having some fun after tense moments.

But you know what?

God spoke to me out of this little happening.

If the security of the Holy Land wants to make sure your shoes don’t carry harmful stuff…how much more the security of the Holy Spirit makes sure that we don’t carry any ‘harmful stuff’ in our daily walk with God!

My noble friend and I forgot about it later on in the flight home. But God remembers our walk before Him daily.

Aren’t we all noble after all? We are heirs with Jesus in His Kingdom. That’s our nobility if we know God personally.

God’s x-rays are superior to ours and His photographic memory of us is amazing, He examines us from all sides.

Hey…how’re your shoes?

What I mean is…err…how’s your daily walk with God?