Impossible is Zilch


‘If you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.’ Mark 9:23

I have always been challenged all my life about seeing and believing.

I cannot forget the time I first became a Christian and began to study the Bible along with close friends of mine from college.

Of course the very first Bible Study I ever went for was an utter disaster. I could not understand a thing…when the preacher talked about Paul and Peter…I thought Paul was the guy who was the church watchman on duty that night and Peter was this friend of mine who was not present at this Bible Study.

I was overwhelmed that both Paul and Peter said such profound things…and one was my friend, and the other the watchman! Something was wrong…they never spoke to me these weighty and insightful words! And the preacher was quoting them with such passion!

It was much later I realised that Peter and Paul were apostles in the New Testament!

What blistering bungles!

Has something like that ever happened to you…? I’ve had many such situations, and some of them have put me in a spot.

Well, anyhow…I said I have always been challenged all my life about seeing and believing.

I am a dreamer of sorts. But right now I am not talking about those dreams that take you flying to nations, and speaking to angels.

Let me tell you what I mean. And I’ve learned this the hard way…you can still see the bumps and bruises!

But let me bless you with a little something.

Your faith in God needs to enlarge and mature. God cares deeply about you and He is desirous to see you through, even if you are stuck deeply in that smelly brown stuff…and things look bleak as the backwaters in China with no one around to pull you out.

Faith in God is amazing. Even when my dreams were shattered, and areas in my personal life failed, my finances were so far gone even a beggar would stay far from me. Even when I lacked any kind of ‘oomph’ in my life with no encouragement from any one, and felt as lost as a stupid sheep…even then, just a bit of faith in God would raise up in me.

I remember one time as I read this same verse; it catapulted me to such heights. I was kneeling beside my bed one evening just after reading and meditating on this verse…and guess what? I suddenly found the strength to stand up and I clenched my fist and shouted to the top of my voice…I can believe, so I will believe!

Hey! That led me to an intense time of worship and prayer and I was free. I walked out of my bedroom with a glint in my eye and ready to take on what was coming.

You know what?

In a few days from that blistering time, I learned that a vision of the future can capture your heart, blow your imagination and give you a new ‘oomph’ to carry on. I began to see my future.

And now here’s another thing I learned. Seeing the future is not enough, but you must be able to get up and do something about it. Become a doer, not just one who dreams. When this happens, it enlarges your intimacy with God; you become so conscious of His Presence with you that you just cannot do with out Him anymore. This really changed me in my early days as a Christian.

Finally, don’t give in to negative thoughts and guys coming around depressing you with all those huge bombastic words, which keep bouncing in your head even after they’re gone from you. Keep in the Word. Read and re-read the Word. Meditate. Pray. Meet up with like-minded people, and the fruit of your dreams will come.

I remember this very old lady who was bedridden for years. I used to visit her often and pray with her. She was a dear saint of God who always prayed for me. She would look into my eyes hold my hand and say this…Darlin’ don’t look back! Throw off the old. Success doesn’t just walk in you go after it. Dream it. Pray it. Have faith in God and it will all come. Don’t give up

She died and went to heaven that year. But I’ve never forgotten her words.

So go ahead…believe in what God says…see it in your dreams…and feel like a million bucks!