Change your Season


For nearly 13 years we lived in Central India.

I learned so much from ordinary farmers and people I worked with. I did not really mean to call them ordinary, because farmers are amazing characters. I truly believe they are far from ordinary!

Farmers have an uncanny and inbuilt skill that no textbooks or college education can teach them. They know exactly when to prepare the ground, when to sow the seed, when to reap the harvest and then finally how much seed to keep back for re-planting in the next season. Apart from all this, their aptitude for understanding weather patterns, their patient endurance, and extremely hard-working manner really catches your spirit.

Here in India we have the Kharif crops, and the Rabi crops. The sowing and reaping are in tough times and different seasons. Also there is another crop call the Zaid. This is the extra harvest…when artificial irrigation was used and this would also entail hard labour.

The farmers and their families are busy through the year! They toil, past the terrible Indian summer, all through the pouring rainy season and then again throughout the coldness of winter.

I wonder how many of us are thankful for this band of great men and women, who have so much faith in God. They till the soil. Then sow the seed. Then wait. They believe God for just the right amount of rain. Trust God again for no storms, high winds or hail. And wait for the biggest miracle…the harvest. They also trust God for their animals to be in good health.

I am so grateful when I sit at the table to eat. How many hands are involved to put all this food on my table? With so much toil, so much sacrifice and so little gain, the humble farmer makes a miracle possible every season. Think about that.

But listen! You can do that too! Just like the farmer brings out miracles in the natural. You can bring forth miracles in the supernatural. I learned this many years ago.

All I have to do is wait for God’s season and timings, then plant some spiritual seed, and finally trust in Heaven for returns. The harvest is sure and I always have enough to replant for the next season. God is faithful to give me the right season as I ask Him to.

The same principle works with financial seasons, and the same with seasons of prayer, friendships and love. In fact you can choose your own seasons and determine your own harvests. Amazing!

Here is what a wise man said in Proverbs 14:4…Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox come abundant harvests.

You desire a harvest? Well, get up and do something about it. Hard work. Faith. And a clear vision of the future, with a lot of passion to change your situations.

Mix all of these together and your harvest is sure! Look at me! I get it again and again.