Of Conmen and Cash


I’m sure you must be like me. You are probably fed up!

People never seem to change, and sin always abounds with no restrictions. It appears as if no one cares! It looks like evil always has a ‘one-up’ on you. Whoa…! I said, ‘looks like’!

Has anyone borrowed money from you and promised to return that sum in a week? And then you so willingly gave. The guy looked and like a relative of the angel Gabriel for sure.  Only thing you did not notice were his wings. And his voice oozed with colourful confidence. His expressions seemed so safe and his baby-face made you feel so much for him, you put your arms around him and assured him that all will be well. No problem! I’m there for you…that’s what’s true fellowship is all about, my brother!

For sure this guy cannot be lying! He’ll just be there on the day he promised and you will get all your money back. Come on! Let’s trust people man!

In fact you so liked this guy, he left you wondering why he did not ask you for more! He’s so safe.

Then the day of the promised return comes. And goes. And goes. And keeps on going!

His mobile is out of coverage area. He never replies your texts. Nobody knows his whereabouts. Most probably you think you missed the rapture and this guy got caught up in the air forever to be with the Lord! Aagh! We sinners are all left behind and the great tribulation is suddenly upon us. But I never heard the last trumpet Lord! Something’s amiss. But by now it’s too late.

He’s gone and so is the money!

Conmen in the church!

They first practice well in the world, and then the Church is easy peasy for them. After all…believers believe in you, they trust you, they pray for you, and they send you off…with their money of course!

In all my years in the Church there are three signs I will look for. Firstly, I look for the talk. You should be able to discern a fake, by listening carefully. He will choose his words to impress you. There’s nobody like you or like this church. And hey! listen to the tone of his voice. Second, look at his face. His eyes will tell you a story. Watch where he looks. Finally look for a sign! The moment the money is in his hands, he’s lost interest in you. He’s looking to run.

Got it? It comes by practice! You gotta lose some to gain some. That’s how I learned, the hard way.

But here’s the questions we all must answer. How do you react when the money is gone? Will you forgive? Will you let go? Or would you wait for the opportune time to hit back?

What would Jesus do?

Your answer!

Willie Soans

Deut 11:25

No one shall be able to stand against you. The Lord your God will lay the fear of you and the dread of you on all the land that you shall tread, as he promised you.