Whether you like it or not. The ‘Wise Virgins’ are on the rise at a speed that will boggle your mind. Indeed, they are rising like the light that comes over the land in a November sunrise.

And suddenly there is a rising discontentment deep in my heart!

This is because people are not hearing the calling of the Bridegroom and the sound of the beckoning shofar. This is all in the Spirit of course and the natural sounds around us drown this awesome call from Heaven.

Can you hear that call? The passion and volume have increased lately.

I am reminded of that awesome verse in Revelation 22:17. “The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come!’ Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life.”

If you are dwelling in the swamps of apathy and lukewarmness, that so easily sets in because of happenings in your life lately. Then shake yourself free of them and rise up! Come back to the mountains of God’s Presence and Glory. The sinful conditions of our hearts have become barricades, both blocking the sounds of Heaven as well as the ways of the Father.

It is time to stand up, break those self-made and man-made obstacles, and come away to the new dimensions of the Spirit.

Beloved the Church of Jesus is not meant to become wedged in a virtual, cyber world of emoticons and forwards. This ‘YouTube’ generation has lost the feelings and closeness of fellowship, communion and prayer that the Early Church had in the first century. There is a kind of wretched laziness and despicable hard-heartedness that fills us and tells us the absolute lie that we are fine and doing well. And that too just because we have enough to live and get by despite what is happening around us.

 Suddenly we have become domestic spectators, who are constantly watching and hearing the varied ministries perform on stage with Dolby systems and multicoloured lights, done with soulish poise. It’s not the skill that Jesus requires. Heaven needs broken people who can preach the message of true repentance with fiery faith. All that is happening now overpowers the true message of the Gospel and misleads people to think that is how the New Testament Church should behave and act. This also warps our understanding of what the True Bride should be like.

In Matthew 25 we find the story of the ten virgins, bridesmaids who were waiting for their beloved Bridegroom. Five had fresh oil in their lamps and five did not. At midnight, all the virgins could hear the clarion call to come to meet the Bridegroom. Recognizing their lamps had gone out, the foolish virgins asked the wise ones for some extra oil, but they said no. Unfortunately, the foolish virgins missed the Bridegroom’s arrival because they were out buying more oil. In the end, they were not prepared for the coming of the one they claimed to love so much. They slept and slumbered when they should have been awake and preparing. In the end, they missed their hour of their visitation. The Bridegroom spoke to them with serious words of terrible consequences: “I never knew you” (Matt. 25:12).

In plain words, “I did not have a close, and intimate relationship with you.”

Eventually He left them to themselves.

Let me tell you this as succinctly and simply as I can. You cannot borrow ‘oil’ from another; you must go to the ‘Source’ yourself. You also cannot claim another’s intimacy (oil) with the Lord; you must know the Lord yourself.

The wise virgins had oil in their lamps, they even had the extra oil needed. They were torchbearers of their coming king. Lit up with bright, holy purity, and profoundly prepared for the lover of their souls. The fresh oil determined their readiness with expectancy.

And finally, when the shout of the Bridegroom was heard, and He came in their midst, their joy knew no bounds as they met their sweet master.

A virgin in Scripture always refers to the Christian who is saved by the Cross of Jesus and is truly ‘Born Again’. There are foolish and wise in every church. Some have prepared themselves by obedience to His Word and walking in true community. They are the ones looking for the Bridegroom to come. Their lives depict the walk of intimacy and submission to Him. They are ready.

And they are in the millions!

India is going to see one of the greatest revivals she has ever known. It will come alongside persecution and pain, and many will become martyrs. The wise ‘Indian’ virgins can already be seen. Look around. The new generations of Wise Virgins have shaken their chains of limitations off. They have risen! They are filling up their oil with holy haste. They are trimming their wicks. They are getting their lamps ready. They are waiting expectantly for that shofar and shout!

In the meanwhile, the call to repentance is so clear and unblemished. Prophets are rising up with strong words. Powerful praise is rising up from the ends of our nation. Intercessory prayers and fasting have become a daily practice.

The Church of Jesus is having a powerful and nuclear turnaround to love her soon coming Master.

In every church we see the parable of ten virgins play out. Can you see the foolish and the wise?

Rise up Virgins, behold the Bridegroom cometh!