Just a very brief overview on revivals first.

In the Old Testament, revivals were always on and off.  In Judges we read those periods of spiritual decline, were soon followed by spells of quickening and change. In the times of the kings, there was huge revival during David and Solomon. Sadly, the nation split after that, and after many years revival came from the times of Asa to Josiah.

Later, Israel slid back into idolatry, gross idolatry and God’s judgement came upon them as they were locked in for 70 years by the Babylonians. Later they were restored by Nehemiah and Ezra and the Temple built and the people taught.

During New Testament times it’s all about Jesus. At first it was John the Baptist that shook those present with his preaching, and then Jesus followed by bringing a revival to the people of His day that formed a tremendous basis for the rest of all revivals that followed.

So, right up to the present day, after the Church was birthed within the revival fires at Pentecost, Acts 2, the sole work of revival is left to the moving of the Holy Spirit on believers. Whenever and wherever the Holy Spirit is welcomed, and His Gifts and Fruits exercised, spells of visible revivals have occurred. The people were brought into returning to the Lord, coming back to true worship, holding amazing intercessions and powerful seasons of prayer. The teaching of the Word of God suddenly brought new insight and revelation to those that experienced that season.

This was strongly followed by people reaching out to nations and turning the hearts of people to the Lord, and to His Word.

When somebody told Billy Sunday that revivals were not needed because basically revivals do not last, Sunday retorted, “A bath doesn’t last, but it’s good to have one occasionally.”

So, will revival come today?

Of course, without a doubt. First a personal revival needs to come into our own hearts, and this will be followed by a move of the Holy Spirit no one can stop. I am speaking of a renewal of that thrilling experience when we first fell in love with Jesus, when His Spirit birthed us into the Kingdom of God. This is where we became Born Again, and a new move of God begins that keeps the spark and ignites others.

A new revival of prayer is already come all over the earth. This forms a foundation for the Presence of God to go unhindered to the hungry. There is also a new revival of God’s Word. People are turning to the Bible as never before and learning that we are living in the last days indeed. When sinners turn to Christ it becomes a showcase to a coming great refreshing from God. And we see this happening all over the world. The Bible still stands as the best seller today. Someone rightly said, the secret to personal revival is ‘re-Bible’!

But here is something so important. If God seems distant and you feel dry in your spiritual life and you are in great need…then the Holy Spirit will surely come as you reach out to Him.

The secret is really no secret at all! Repent from your sin, return to God whole-heartedly, study the Word, and talk to God in prayer…so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, as in Acts 3:19.

The Bible is true when it says…I will never forget Your precepts, For by them You have revived me, Psalm 119:93.

Yes! Whether you like it or not, revival comes today.