Purity is an important challenge. Especially in these days we are living in. The challenge for purity rests on all, and daily we will be confronted on how to choose to live.

The challenge for purity is very powerful indeed. God somehow, sometime in our lives, will challenge our entire value system.  It does not matter what kind of values we grew up with, or learnt from school, college, or our environment. It does not matter what background we come from; one day our values will be tested, when we will be confronted with important choices we must make in life. The more you interact with society, the greater your integrity, your purity and your values will be tested. 

The Bible says, “How can a young man or woman keep his or her way pure?” 

What purity is the Bible talking about?

It is not just doctrinal, moral, or sexual purity but everything that comes into every faculty of our human lives.

Sadly, our nation is known to be of the most corrupt nations in the world, although India seems to have improved on the corruption front globally today, with a slight rise in its Corruption Perception Index ranking this year conducted by Transparency International.

According to TI, India was ranked 85 out of 175 countries with a score of 38, an improvement over last year’s ranking of 94 with a score of 36. The Corruption Perception Index ranks countries and territories based on corruption in its public sector, which is accountable to the government. The scale is determined on the basis of a numerical value between zero meaning highly corrupt and 100 meaning very clean.


So, how can a young man or woman keep his or her way pure?

By living according to God’s Word…that is what the Bible says!

God has put a standard of values. It does not matter who you are or where you come from; there is a plumbline that is needed. A mason cannot get a wall straight except he uses a plumbline. Whether you measure it in Kashmir or Kanyakumari, there is a plumbline, a simple instrument that must be used, and the standard of true measurement.

We have the Bible. Our standard of measurement. God’s standard of measurement.

The truth is that I do not have that goodness inside me; my basic nature is sinful! Because I am a sinner, I must measure up to somebody’s standard. The highest standard is God’s Word. It is our check point to know whether we have failed or not failed.

So then, what is the secret of living a pure life?

Some people say, it is great to just go out into the Himalayas and find a cave and stay there for the rest of your life – you can be pure. But you are not interacting with any of your fellow men. It is okay to be pure when you are left alone; your thoughts will settle one time or another.

The secret of a pure life is in the Bible. Happiness is promised to the pure in heart. Matt 5:8 says, “Happy are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

The reference is to the ‘heart’ being pure. The definition of heart refers to when the ‘inner man’ is pure, he can see.

When your heart goes after somethings, you can see, and then what you see…you can achieve.

Be blessed!