Someone asked me a question that got me thinking. So I thought I’d just mention what is ticking inside me.

The Lock-down has seemed to freeze my brains!

It took quite a while to understand that I would be stuck at home, and how to be productive for the day.

I personally passed through a few days of dilemma. The paradox of ‘being free’ and yet being ‘locked in’ took a few days of me getting used to this scenario in our home.

But I am a loner by nature. I am also the productive type. To be utterly honest, I struggled a few days then sat up, braced myself and decided that this would be the most productive season of my life. I may be ‘locked in’ but not I am not ‘locked up!’ my brains were fully functional. My prayer life geared to spending more time with God. So, I decided to do some things that made this time in my life the most productive, successful and heart satisfying.

As I said by nature, I am self-disciplined. Phew! Thank God!

So, what did I do? Here’s some favourite things I’d like to share with you.

  1. I always make sure I do not waste time.

Time is important. Especially to a 67-year-old guy like me. All my life I have made every day count. At a very early age my Dad taught us to think about the day spent before you went to sleep at night. Then think about the mistakes you made. Then think of how you would be better the next coming day.

Pretty heavy stuff for us as we were not yet in our teens. But honestly this not only put us to sleep without bad thoughts but enabled us to be better the next day!

But this really did not keep me from being the ‘bad guy’ the next day. The tendency to disobey and sin was too inherent in me. Nevertheless, I practiced this as often as I can. It is part of my thinking process every night before I sleep. And today this still helps me.

I hate wasting time. I am very conscious of time slipping by simply lazing around doing nothing. I am so conscious of this that I cannot sit around idling my time, or just faffing with people.

  • I plan daily.

I write. I write all the time. My favourite writing tools are good, and costly fountain pens with different coloured inks. I love them. I write my thoughts. I write my plans for the day, for the week, for the month, sometimes even for the entire year. I may not accomplish them. But I write.

This helps my mind sort out different things I must set out to do. Phone calls. Keeping in touch through Social Media. Study plans for the week or the month. What blogs I must write. What videos I must record.

Basically, everything I must be doing everyday. Even if it was going to the bazaar with my wife.

  • I make sure the people I am in contact with are productive themselves.

I have this personal adage…birds of a feather flock together! I love like-minded people. I love to spend time with them. I love to have intellectual exercises with them, laugh, joke and keep in touch. It sharpens me. The Bible says…as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

  • If things go out of control for me. I honestly don’t worry about it.

Let it go. Life does not end if bits and pieces go wrong. There’s a whole lot of life still left to live let’s live that to the fullest. If I lose something, or I misplace something…I never worry. I have learned to trust in God more than anything else in life.

  • I listen to my favourite music and relax as much as I can.

Music has always been an integral part of my life. My favourites genres are Country Music, Blues and lots and lots of Gospel worship. This changes the atmosphere and brings a semblance of peace that I always am conscious of.

I have learned to relax. To cut off from the ‘noisome pestilence’ of the world and enter into the dimension of God’s Presence. I do my own thing. I sleep. I watch a good movie. Of late one of the relaxing things I do is…I cook. And I have become pretty good at it!

  • I make it a point to learn three new things every day

Somethings that I didn’t know at all. For years this has been my personal practice and, in the years, gone by I have learned some incredible things. Whether it be about birds or animals or insects or plants…anything. I can actually make a conversation on any topic you tell me to, even politics, science and engineering design.

  • I read all the time

As much as I love to write, so I love to read…in the last five months I have gone through eight books and numerous articles that have really encouraged me.

Most of my reading is ‘heavy’. Sometimes theology. Sometimes apologetics. Sometimes Biblical narratives. And sometimes my favourite authors who write on eschatological themes that I love.

  • I pray mostly all the time.

It is possible. I am mindful to keep my prayer time going all day. Yes, being a Pastor and Leader there are things that occupy you, things that disturb you, things that hinder you…but I make every effort to continue to commune with Heaven.

I love to do this especially when I am driving.

  • I am constantly aware of the Supernatural.

God has gifted me from my very childhood. I was always a different kid. I was incredibly naughty, but immensely moved in my spirit if anyone got hurt or offended. When I received Jesus as my Saviour, this part of me became ever so sensitive.

I revel in the supernatural. My dreams. My ability to hear Heaven, and my constant attentiveness to Divine visitors…in my home, in my car or on the street. People think I’m a bit overdone…but I don’t mind. I know me.

  1. I get upset very quickly

Negative. No. not for me. I can’t handle when people speak without knowing first that they’ve been in touch with God…especially if they say they are Christian. I hate insensitivity to the Word or the Holy Spirit, and the display of ‘flesh’. I hate when people come against God, the Church, the Holy Word of God and in general against the law of the land.

I began with saying…a few. But phew! I’ve ended up with so much. Most of the things I’ve learnt are by fault and default.

Now that’s me. Take it or leave it. I love you anyhow.

Be blessed…