Many Church leaders truly amaze me. Their lives are such a reflection of Christ and His work here on earth. Learning about their life and times has so encouraged and challenged me and I would follow after them and even hang around them were they still alive.

One of them is Paul.

This man’s versatility is mind-boggling. Truly mind boggling!

He was the very same man who was ‘hell bent’ on killing the early disciples of Jesus. His zeal was so strong and relentless that he went on a horse to Damascus, the fastest mode of transport at that time. No wasting time to get after these guys.

God had to drop him down his ‘high horse’ of Jewish pride and Rabbinical wisdom, and reveal Himself to Him.

What a confrontation. Marvellous indeed.

This same man becomes ‘as gentle as a covid19 nurse’ to the Thessalonians and speaks so tenderly to them…I am blown away!

This same man reveals the bountiful brilliance of his mind to the Roman church. Speaking to them in a legal language that would challenge a Supreme Court Judge.

This same man writes to the Corinthian church as a wise, master builder, teaching them what Godly foundations are and how they need to sort out their leadership and moral issues.

This same man speaks to Timothy, his son in the faith, to fight the fight and be a soldier who stands in the day of battle.

This same man finished the race, kept the faith and fought the fight right to the end of his life.

This same man wrote extensively about the ‘other side’ and the reality of the risen Christ with whom he would spend all of Eternity.

No wonder, this same man, submitted himself to the Roman hangman, and sped into Eternal Life.

Because…this same man left behind a legacy so rich and interwoven with heaven’s realities for us to follow on earth.

What a life! Please let me live like this.

I love the old ways.