There is such a rising need for small groups, and with that a dire dire need for mentors and ‘fathers’ whose prayer lives are an example.

The last time I said about lifestyle. Today I want to say about your personal prayer life. I love what Andrew Murray says in his book, ‘Holy in Christ’.

“However strong the branch becomes, however far away it reaches round the home, out of sight of the vine, all its beauty and all its fruitfulness ever depend upon that one point of contact where it grows out of the vine. So be it with us too.”

These thoughts are so fundamental. Three things I would like to say. The first is that we can never afford to be ‘cut off’ from the foundations that we have in Christ, and His Word. We draw our strength from Him. We draw our beauty from Him. We draw our life and lifestyle of course from Him.

The second thought I have is this. It does not depend on how far we reach in life, and what all we can achieve. Our dependence in Him and His Word should never cease all of our lives.

Lastly, our fruitfulness is the proof of our connectivity to Him. That is why good fruit is the result of strong connections and never letting go no matter what surrounds us.

Our prayer life must be like this.

Our daily foundations are drawn by meditating and studying His Word. Personal study is a must for all of us. Also, our prayer life must go on to reflect His beauty wherever we are. This simply means that His peace, love, forgiveness and kindness must never ever depart from us.

One more thing. Our lives are the result of prayer. Everything we will ever touch, has the power to change, because of what happens in our prayer life.

When you are a person pf prayer. You will become a good leader for others.

Proverbs 15:8, says so aptly…‘The LORD detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him.’