The Bible contains profound mysteries! Each one simply boggles the mind! It shakes the hungry soul to straighten up and pay more attention to heaven and all the wonders encompassed therein.

One night, in a dream, I saw the Bible as a vast and immeasurable ocean. The Lord Jesus was standing next to me, so close that I could actually smell His fragrance. We watched the ocean together for a while, enjoying the cool sea-breeze flowing through our hair. Suddenly, He pointed out towards the horizon. I knew He was going to say something that teaches me life.

“Can you see this vast vast vast ocean?” He said, with a soft voice and gently put His arm on my shoulder as He always does when He speaks to me. He then continued, “I want you to know that what you see is just the surface. The real treasures are underneath, you have to go look for them.”

I suddenly knew what was coming next!

“Come on! I will dive deep with you and show you things you’ve never seen before!”

“Whoa! Me! Lord what are You saying?” I thought to myself, afraid to speak out.

Now I am not used to swimming in the sea and diving deep is out of my league completely. I felt a gentle push between my shoulder blades and He walked past me towards the sea, “No wasting time boy!” He said, as He went on before me towards the waters.

I saw His footsteps clearly marking the sand.

I awoke with my heart thumping inside my chest. I had just met the Lord!

That morning I realised, that to become true fishers of men we cannot wet our ankles around the shorelines of our daily living. I realised I have never experienced the colours, the beauty and the wonder of the deep for myself. I realised that true treasures and pearls are underneath, and I have to dive deep to lay my hands on them.

I realised that deep calls to deep! His Word is deeper than what I’ve ever known.

So I decided to put my feet where His steps were…they will lead me to real treasures deep within His Word.