Get back! Get Back!!


Not long ago the Lord gave me dream where I saw myself with the very first girlfriend I had when I was still in school.

I woke up kind of surprised and at the same time questioned myself as to why God gave me this kind of a dream. I hadn’t thought of this in probably in more than forty-five years!

The Lord spoke to me almost immediately. And I was more surprised. This is what He said… ‘Get back to your first love!’

Whoa! This came like a thunderbolt from Heaven, and it came loud and clear.

God is saying to the church today to get back to the things that we were first excited about especially in loving God and following Him with all our hearts.

Just two thought that flood my mind today and I would like to share that with you.

Firstly. The truth is that God and church are become too technical to our generation. God does not mean anything much except when there is a calamity or a pain that we must go through. Then the ‘religious’ side of us takes over. We seem to utter emotion filled prayers and suddenly do sacrificial works so that God would hear us and somehow take away our perplexities. But sorry to say, Biblically speaking…God is not moved at all by this.

Second. The truth is that we have left the fundamentals and our priorities have changed drastically. Let me explain.

We don’t spend time with God as we did when we first accepted Him as Lord and Saviour.

Our hearts do not respond to His Word as it should.

We have lost the burden to win the lost.

Our feelings keep changing according to our moods in the day.

We are ‘moved’ by things alien to the heart of God.

Our lifestyle, choices and intentions promote us rather than the Kingdom of God.

We validate ourselves by the friends we have and the company we keep.

Our thoughts are not His thoughts any more. And…

Some of us have landed in a mess.

Hey! In all my years of following Him…this is what I have learnt. Let people say what they will. God will walk the whole walk with you…people won’t. They’ll disappoint you, counterpoint you, knifepoint you, mispoint you and then point you to the Devil.

But God is not like that at all! Jesus is the most simplest, uncomplicated Person you will ever meet.

Just read the Bible…it’s all there, and He fills that Word with His love and care.

So let’s get back to loving God and His Word and His Kingdom.

Live simply, walk slowly, love surely, pray clearly and be real!