Power of Restoration

Yesterday I had an amazing experience on the Sea of Galilee.
We boarded two of these usual boats and I immediately made my way to the bow, sitting right in front of everybody. The Sea was calm with a gentle wind blowing from Capernaum in the north, and if you closed your eyes you could actually go back to the time of Jesus. The topography has not changed for 2000 years although the skyline has.
Quietly watching the water lap,against the boat my mind raced to John 13. Jesus had just washed Peter’s feet, giving one of the greatest lessons in life…become servants rather than tyrannical rulers who boss people around. The way up is down–with God, but with men it is different…so different. A little while later, after Jesus talks about loving one another Peter poses a good and natural question…where’re you going Jesus? I can almost imagine the look in Jesus’ eyes…saying…you can’t come with me Peter. And Peter the great speaker always says…Lord! I’ll lay my life down for you! Again I can imagine the look in Jesus’ eyes…Peter you will deny me thrice before the cock crows.
When this actually happens. Peter wept. Our weeping is the result of our frailty. Where we think we are strong we are desperately needy of support. Where we think we can handle things then…deep inside is the failure of human weakness that makes us reach out to God. But Peter saw Jesus die on the cross later that day. Three days later, Peter’s message from Jesus came through the women who said to him…Peter, we saw Jesus risen from the dead…BUT…here’s a special message for you…Jesus said…tell the Disciples, and Peter, that I am alive!!
Wow! Greatest failures have the most loving messages from God. God is personal with me when I fail the most. He mentions my name apart from the others.
But the Sea of Galilee is a place of restoration.
Here is Peter now. Gathering some of the Disciples and saying…I go fishing. When guilt, remorse has its way…we can only do what we do best. Go back to what we were. I have seen so many turn away for the plow. Go away hurt from ministry or the church, when someone said something.
But the Sea of Galilee is a place of restoration.
They all went fishing alright. But caught nothing. When our destiny is God and His Kingdom, then everything outside that is fruitless. Peter had to learn that costly lesson and so do we.
They come back from fishing all night. But Jesus is there. Jesus is always there! He will always be there. When we reach the end of our rope He is there. Futility in our own works must lead us to the Jesus who is there!
But the Sea of Galilee is a place of restoration.
Jesus has some food on the fire. How Jesus sustains us is unimaginable!
Then comes the power of restoration…Peter, do you love me? Peter do you love me? Peter do you love me? Three questions…for three denials!
The broken heart of Peter before the resurrected Jesus restores him by the Sea of Galilee. So much that in the book of Acts Peter stands and preaches his greatest sermon to lead 3000 to Christ!
The Sea of Galilee…a place of restoration indeed!
The water kept lapping against the boat. For me this was a reminder.
And asI heard the sound of each lap…it reminded me of the times I myself have failed. But at the end of every rope of my failures…I found Jesus is there! With the sustenance I need.
The Sea of Galilee is a place of restoration.
I’ve had mine. Do you have yours?