I Tithe


There is such a growing fad among so many Christians I meet today.

I’m sure you’ve met some of them and they carry a kind of ‘I know it all’ attitude that stinks of pride and sometimes has the taste of arrogance mixed with a non-teachable spirit.

So what’s the fad?

They deny tithing.

Well, well, well! Nothing new!

I know there are no specific directions for tithing in the New Testament. (And some of these guys rejoice with a holy glee, and glimmer in their eyes!). So they avoid this duty. Oops…did I say duty? Yes…duty! Why duty? Oh! We’ll see in a moment.

I love when these non-tithing believers jump on the bandwagon of ‘internet Christians’ and begin a rabid rhetoric of ‘Bible Teaching’ and quoting verse upon verse from Scripture. Amazing! Have you met them? Well, I have and I have some valid questions for them, but many refuse to answer.

My first question…is your life accountable to anyone who is like a ‘father’ to you and do you submit to that person according to the Scriptures and the understanding of NT Church today?

That’s only one question. I have several more that over forty years of walking with God have taught me some powerful things in life, and as a grandfather who has lived in both rural and urban India…with all the challenges of finances and family, money and ministry, I think I am qualified to say at least some things.

Here’s my second question…are you committed to a local church or a group of people that consider themselves under some leadership?

So please let me go on to share my heart…

We all know the tithe is 10%. The OT taught tithing and every Jew was to tithe at least three times a year. This is because the Law of Moses required tithing. If you really calculate according to the Scriptures the Jews tithed 23⅓ percent of all they had yearly. That’s more than most Christians give! Also tithes were required giving and offerings were that which was freely given. The vows and their giving were considered separate.

The tithe originated with Abraham, and then Jacob nearly 300-400 years before Moses.

The OT is actually a foundation for the NT. What I mean to say that there are Divine principles that are fundamentally given and must be understood in the New and some of these principles in the Old are not repeated specifically in the New but they are necessary. Hey! Don’t grab my throat just yet.

The New does not mention tithing by name!

But, but but…the New requires giving by doctrine and precept for the very same things in the Old. Giving to the ministry. Giving to the poor. So the New required for people to give with cheerful liberality, personal sacrifice both publically or privately. They even gave of their assets. They gave to servants of God, widows, other churches, and of course their own church.

But, but but…Christians need to give more than the Old. We are under the blessings of the New, we are Spirit-filled, we speak in tongues, and we must remember that our giving is basically based on what Jesus has given us.

So what about the tithe? The tithe is a guideline and not a law for us. That is why I personally teach hard about giving, I teach the origin and the nature of the tithe, and exhort the church about exceeding the tithe. That everyone should give in proportion, should give systematically, should give liberally, should give as they purpose in their own hearts, should give cheerfully and be happy about it…and the tithe should be the minimum measure.

If you give liberally you will receive in the same principle. Learn from the farmer. I lived around them for 13 years!

Oooh! But some say there is no tithe in the New! Cool! But don’t we know the New does not mention corporal punishment either, nor does it mention that you need to train your children. We actually learn that from Solomon in Proverbs. And more. Tithing is not a ritual. Does attending house fellowships or prayer meetings or Sunday services, or daily Bible reading become a ritual? No!

But if you do not give, the truth is you rob God. Our willingness to give comes from the fact that everything belongs to the Lord.

Joseph and Mary, brought two turtledoves for Jesus’ dedication, they could not afford more. Jesus took note of a widow giving two mites over rich men giving plentiful. The Philippians gave generously, though they were a comparatively poor church.

So let me close. I know I’ve been long-winded, but I’ve opened my heart for sure.

And here’s the bottom line.

Tithing and giving is a duty we have because of the Kingdom and our love for that to come on earth as it is in heaven. Often those that have a problem with money oppose tithing and giving. Jesus is indeed our King and He deserves the best. His Bride, the church must receive the best.

God woke me up one night and for actually the first time in my life spoke audibly in my ear…‘If you change your giving I will change your living’, He said. That was 1993. In the last ten years everything is changed, and I can give only God all the glory for what I have.

So trust me. All I’ve said is in the Scriptures.

But hey! Pay your taxes. Don’t cheat the Government.