The King Still Has Another Move..!


Tonight was just amazing!

Have you ever waited and waited and waited for something to happen? And then you knew it would happen! And then you are still waiting! And time just seems to stand still as a church mouse, and everything seems frozen stiff. And now your teeth are on edge, and your heart misses beats and you notice you are breathing hard! And you just cannot wait anymore.

It just happened to me. Our evening service had just begun.

The worship was crisp and touching. God was leading the singers and musicians, and they were being completely submitted. So the atmosphere started to get electric. I could feel the tingling in my bones, and the waves of Glory began to come upon me, standing was getting difficult. God was about to announce something. I just knew it was coming.

And then suddenly it came.

The man of God from Phoenix Arizona began to speak. He quoted many Scriptures, and developed on them like a skilled craftsman loving his job. The message was coming through, but the final punch was what I was waiting for.

The man of God ended with a story told by Ken Ulmer. Ken is the pastor of a mostly African-American congregation in Los Angeles.

The man of God said that, Ken tells the fanciful tale about two men in an art museum who came upon a painting of a chess game. One character in the painting looked like an ordinary man, but the other character looked a little like the Devil. The man is down to his last two pieces on the chessboard. The title of the painting is “Checkmate.”

The impression is that for the man in the picture, all is lost; the situation is hopeless.

In the story that Ken tells, one of the two men looking at this painting is a chess champion, and something about the painting troubled him. He begins to study it. He becomes so engrossed in it. His buddy gets impatient and asks what he’s doing. The chess guy says, “There’s something about this painting that bothers me. You go ahead.” So, he stood there studying the painting.

When his friend came back, the chess-master said, “I need to locate the artist and tell him that either he has to change the picture or he has to change the title. There’s something wrong with this painting.”

His friend asked him what was wrong with the painting. The chess champion said: “Well, it’s titled ‘Checkmate,’ but the title is wrong. The painter either has to change the painting or change the title, because the king still has another move. If he makes that move he will win; the king has one more move.”

God hit me between the eyes! A cry rose deep from within my heart. God had spoken! My King still has another move to make! This one final move will destroy the pathetic plans, the sinful strategies, the diabolic designs and the corrupt craftiness of the Devil towards us as His people.

God was going to rise up in our midst and provide us with all we need. I believe this with all my heart. For months we have been hiring halls and moving our services every week, ever since we lost our original place we had for five years.

As a church we are having a ‘tabernacle’ time, moving tent around week after week. But God is leading us as a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day. Soon the breakthrough is coming. Let us not give up. We are on the threshold of the biggest miracle we can experience for now…our own place of worship!

Hey, I’m so happy! Are you? If you are struggling, or doubting or waiting or almost given up hope…just wait!

A man sent from God will come to you with a message just in time…the King still has another move!

So now it’s no longer a checkmate, God is my Helpmate!

Blessings always!