I Will Wait


My eyes for You linger past the dipping sun

And heart excites within my breast…

For the thrill of ages to come beside You.

Transfixed I look beyond my sight

E’en though the fading light

Grows dimmer with each passing minute

I know I know… Your beauty I’ll see

And then the promise lives within it!

Keeping the Faith, running the course

And blood rushes within my veins…

Remembering the battles we have fought together.

Memories of epics unfold

E’en though those stories told

Of men’s passions in their day

I know I know… Your glory I’ll see

And then the power’s here to stay!

The trumpet blast will soon be heard

And bones quicken within my frame…

As earth shudders with groanings of birth.

Oh! How I hunger for Love and Truth sublime

E’en though my will is set and time

Will tell of works done best

I know I know… Your face I’ll see

And then with patience I will rest!