Throughout history the message of the Bible has never ceased to interest us and to challenge us as in this day and age. These are amazing days we live in!

We are created to worship. When true worship is taught, and when true worship is caught within our hearts we become a people who can do great things through God.

True worship must be submitted to Apostolic authority, so that everything would be done decently and in order. This means that unscriptural methods and means will be weeded out from within churches that really desire the Spirit to have freedom and movement.

Much emphasis among churches today is given to what we call ‘worship services’. Now that the covid pandemic has locked us in, there are some basic ingredients of worship we are losing and losing very quickly indeed. If the Truth of the Bible slips away, then revelation will cease, and our relationship with the Holy One will dwindle to mere empty performances and showmanship.

Right from the beginning, God laid down for man His intentions on how He desired to be worshipped. The first few chapters of Genesis make that so clear. To understand true foundations of worship, we must journey through the Old Testament, the priesthood in the days of Moses, and especially to the Divine principles laid down in Temple worship. It is here we get to know the order, and the heart of a man who is involved in genuine worship.

Notice this…that embedded deeply in the Scriptures, the magnitude of musical institution founded by David, thousands of years before, with each poignant method, pointed sacrifice, and particular offering…all point to the coming Messiah.  So must our own worship. Levitical worship brought and taught us both order and discipline of very high standards. Then in the New Testament, the writings of the Apostles set in a clear picture for the emergence of corporate worship in local church meetings.

Again, true Biblical worship requires moral purity and a clear separation from the world. And again, the Apostles brought a pure emphasis not on ‘feeling God’ but on understanding and knowing God through the truth of His Word. This reflection is so clearly seen in the old hymns writers of the reformation that rested on edification rather than to create a false emotional high.

It is my prayer, that the last-day Church of Jesus, would shake loose of useless copycats and birth a generation of genuine worshippers who would lead with the standards of Heaven woven into the unshakeable pillar of revealed Truth. It is also my prayer, that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit would have His unique sovereignty so much needed in our times.

May the freedom of the Holy Spirit return as we tread ancient paths again towards potent creativity and new moves from Heaven.

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth. Psalm 57:11.