Our world is beginning to see a new future.  

And one of them will be in which, what they are calling ‘vaccine passports’ are implanted under the skin.

A Swedish company named ‘Epicenter’, is already injecting its employees with microchips.

Hannes Sjöblad, one of the chiefs, spoke some time ago… “I want us humans to open up and improve our sensory universe, our cognitive functions. … I want to merge humans with technology, and I think it will be awesome.”

And then there is ‘Neuralink’ in which Elon Musk is in the process of an implanted brain-computer interface to access the complete digital realm.

Some time ago, Dr. Nitin Upadhya, a leading coach and academician, said, in a Times of India Article, “Why not! It seems to be an excellent opportunity to be part of the evolving world – integrated and connected with the Internet of Things and driven by artificial intelligence, to form a new society…”


Nishan India posted a video in Facebook way back in 2018 saying…“Jai yeshu masih ki dosto, is video me maine RFID chip ke bare mein bataya hai ki 2020 tak  compulsory ho sakta hai or cashless kun ho raha hai taki hum chip laga sake or ye Antichrist ka mark of the beast 666 hai yeh chip hi 666 hai jo bible me likha hai, i hope aap sabhi is sachai par vishwas karoge or sabhi logo ko bataoge…”

Freely translated this means, that by 2020, the RFID chip will become compulsory for all cashless dealings, this will be the mark of the Antichrist, 666 just as the Bible tells us. Trust this truth and tell others. True? Yes, in a way, your non-invasive Biometric passport, is only the beginning.

I would say, that some Christians see this as the Mark of the Beast. In a sensible world, the idea of having your hand chipped to access public goods or private property—to receive a mark in order to “buy, sell, or trade”—should alarm anyone, regardless of any religious persuasion.

There is coming a new season of what I call ‘religious persuasion’, where you will have to condescend to the whims and fancies of Government agencies that will dictate what you do, where you go, what you eat, what you wear, and how you live.

This invasive tech will become the ‘new normal’ and intrude us in such a way that all our privacy belongs to the ruling Governments all over the world.

Here is something not shocking to me. Presently, some 5,000 Swedes use implanted radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to open doors, pay cashless, present medical records, access concert venues, and ride public transportation. Some sources say they estimate more than 50,000-100,000 people worldwide have microchip implants, primarily in their hands.

Well, I will say more.

We are heading towards a hybrid humanity.

Will the concept of natural born humanity be abolished? And will babies now be manufactured in a lab? Just like some foolish scientists are making ‘meat’ in the labs.

You may have your own questions. But the Global Elite has systematically planned this many years ago. They are financing every research, and pharma is involved with this diabolical scheme from the pit of hell, so that they will become the new ‘masters’ of this universe.

The World Economic Forum’s chairman Klaus Schwab recently spelled out his vision of civilizational transformation. His widely read books, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” (2016) and “The Great Reset” (2020), both describe unstoppable progress toward total technocracy.

Some nations are already saying, “Digital technology can be embedded in organisms [and today] biotechnology may be at the cusp of a period of rapid expansion—possibly analogous to digital computing circa 1985.” Its success will hinge on sweeping surveillance.” (Canada)

So, what about us?

As believers in the Bible and in the saving Grace of Jesus what shall we do then?

We wait, we pray, we take authority over demonic forces, we command fallen angels to hear ‘the Word of the Lord’, we release the power of the Holy Spirit wherever we are, we preach a Gospel of Peace and Righteousness, we raise the dead, we change the atmosphere…we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus! (Remember, not just conquerors). Jesus will always be our Lord and Saviour.

And hey listen, Jesus is coming so soon! Keep your eyes on heaven.

In the meanwhile, the unbelieving will believe that Scientism is their only faith. Technology is their one true sacrament. Their cult will become a cyborg theocracy, with ‘walk about’ robots that will kill without emotion, and mercy.

Even if they rain fire from the sky with the press of a red button, never bend the knee to their silicon gods.

So, no, emphatically no!

We will not have our chips!

We will have a grandstand seat at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and live for Eternity with Him!